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Cinema 4D in After Effects Workflow With Camera Tracking

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Taking a look at the basics for integrating Cinema 4D with your AE workflow for some quick, stunning results

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Now that After Effects comes with Cinema 4D Lite, you can start adding 3D objects to your AE composites. This tutorial introduces an easy, bare-bones workflow for getting quick results for first-time C4D users.

Here are the chapters for this tutorial:

00:07 - Intro

01:04 - New Comp

01:22 - Camera Tracking

01:42 - Choose a Track Point

02:38 - Create a Solid and Camera

03:24 - Exporting to Cinema 4D

05:25 - Welcome to Cinema 4D

06:11 - Creating Text

08:45 - Extruding Text

10:13 - Creating Materials

11:06 - Making Tweaks in Cinema 4D

12:51 - Making the Wooden Box

17:38 - Creating the Woodgrain Texture

22:09 - Lighting

27:15 - Color Correction in AE and Exporting

#aftereffects #postproduction #cinema4d #motiongraphics

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